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Waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, nails (acrylic & gel), Minx, Smile White teeth whitening, eyelash & eyebrow treatments, botox, fillers, peels,  hopi ear candling, male grooming and more…. Hopi Ear Candling:

Ear Candling is a safe, simple, non-invasive, natural, relaxing, cleansing method. It uses long hollow ear candles made out of cotton flax impregnated with extract of honey and herb oils to extract earwax and other debris from the ear canal. Followers of this method say that ear candling also improves mental clarity and balances fluids that may otherwise cause headaches.


The candle is placed in the ear orifice and ignited. It is allowed to burn to within 4 inches (10 cm) of the end of the candle. As it burns it produces a gentle local heat. The client will hear crackling sounds as the candle burns.  The warm air combined with the oil and herbs soften the ear wax and draw it into the base of the candle. The candle is then removed and the ear and surrounding area is massaged. The treatment is repeated on the other ear.


Possible Benefits of Ear Candling may include: