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With 7200 nerve endings in the soles of the feet, a pedicure is not only relaxing but therapeutic.

At the salon you will begin your treatment by soaking your feet in a warm, soothing, bubbling foot spa using Sea Rock Soak, which has an uplifting aroma of eucalyptus oil, combined with a therapeutic foot treatment of blended tea tree oil and Dead Sea salts, that help to soften, hydrate and reduce inflammation.

Your feet are then brought alive by an exfoliation with AHA Sea Scrub, which is perfect for smoothing rough, dry skin on the soles of the feet and has a dual-action scrub that combines the power of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) with natural quartz crystals and beach sand..... heaven! Whilst the therapist works on one foot, your other one can enjoy gentle, vibrating massage in the foot spa.


The treatment progresses by having the dry, callused skin gently removed from the soles of your feet and then filed smooth. This is followed by a relaxing foot massage, using Cucumber Heel Therapy, which is an intensive moisturising complex, that aids the repair of dry, cracked skin. It deeply moisturises and speeds healing with Allantoin and Urea, helps calm irritation with Cucumber Extract, Chamomile and Aloe and improves elasticity with Panthenol, thereby relieving the effects of severe dryness on heels.

Whilst your feet enjoy soaking up the heel therapy cream, your therapist will begin work on shaping and filing your toes. This will start with the removal of any dead skin around the toes using Cuticle Remover that is formulated with aloe vera, to help prevent over-drying of the skin and nails. The dead skin simply melts away and the residue is gently scraped off the nail plate. The toenails are then shaped, buffed and shined.

Finally, (for the ladies) the nails are ready to be painted, Minxed, or Gel polished (with Shellac or Gelish) – whichever you prefer. For the gentlemen, a solar oil moisture replenishing treatment is applied.

Once you have this treat, your feet will want it every week! Ladies feet are permanently constrained in small fashionable shoes and they have to carry our weight on the high heels that we like to wear. Mens feet are sadly, nearly always neglected by their owners!

This foot spa pedicure treatment will refresh and re-energise your feet, leaving you “walking on air”.