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Teeth Whitening:

By pre-arranged appointment only.

Please contact June on 638 300 656 for more information and to book your appointment.

Take the first step to enjoying the confidence a great white smile gives!

Smile White offers a dedicated laser teeth whitening service, using proven, state of the art technology and the best  whitening materials on the market today!

A brighter, whiter smile in just under an hour!

Following your consultation, a non-peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth. When this is activated by the clinically approved laser light, the active ingredient is broken down and oxygen penetrates the enamel, removing the stains and making the tooth colour lighter. The treatment normally consists of three or four applications of gel, (depending on the level of discolouration) which is activated in 15 minute cycles.

June’s teeth after the treatment:

Now only 95€ for the full treatment!

Special: 2 people for 175€!